I’m Tunie—writer, change agent, kidlit aficianado, educator, grand-Moma, and recovering dessertaholic.

True confession: my longtime wish has been to one day levitate, just for the fun of it, before it’s time to physically leave the planet.

What can I say? I aim high.

As a dreamer and change maker—are you one, too?—I’m inspired to play an active role in evolution—my own personal growth as well as positive change in the world, especially for the sake of those coming in to it and for the kids who are already here. This isn’t to suggest that I don’t believe already that life is good.

There are books in this world, for one thing—beautiful and life-changing stories and poems and images that deserve to be in the life of every toddler, child, and young person. So I’ve spent much of my life getting this kind of treasure into as many hands as possible. Since not just any book will do, and the best exposure is one full of delight, a page here is devoted to PLAYFUL READING.


Much of my own writing is about adding to the collective ahas!—shifting the what-is to the what-can-be. The sourcebooks for my early literacy and children’s lit programs, magazine articles, book reviews, and peace curriculum, published books as well as manuscripts, plus the empowering practice of putting pen to paper via letter-writing, gratitude lists, and daily journaling—all merit a mention in TRANSFORMATIVE WRITING.

And INSPIRED LIVING matters, big-time. I’m flat-out amazed by the magic in our midst, the gobsmacking power of imagination and intention! This site seems as good a place as any for me to marvel about so-called impossible things that are now a part of my reality, and quite possibly yours. Potential realities, too, or in the words of one of my characters, what-ifs, rooted in wonder, not fear.

So come in and linger a while. I’m so happy you’re here!

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